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  1. I’ll be keeping Ana and you all in my thoughts and prayers today, and I know there are many others doing the same — out beyond that road where it’s hard to see. Ana has such spirit and love and life force. I hope her test and your appointments go very well and that you feel strong and supported.

  2. You have family and friends beyond what you can see also~ and we are with you, each and every day, in spirit, along the journey with you. We are thinking of you all and praying for you- always. Love you all. <3

  3. YES, Ana, and you, and your family, remain in my thoughts, today, tomorrow, and way beyond…. with love, Bonnie (Maki) Mitchell

  4. YES she is in my thoughts. I hope the shine made your journey to the city a little bit lighter.
    Prayers, Carol

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