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  1. Love Ana’s cats..very talented..she seems like she is doing fine. I hope to see her this summer. Still have her in my radar for sure, keeping a close eye on everything. My friends always ask me how she is. I keep in touch with Janne. love to all

  2. I think youre putting too much pressure on yourself to adjust when it sounds to me like youre doing just that. Your routine will be there and seem dull before you know it.
    The picture of Ana at the top is beautiful.

    Stop being so hard on yourself, youre doing everything right when your kid is looking at the glass as half full.

  3. Listen to your Mom. I’ve lived for many years with a child with a chronic illness, and I trained myself to be suspicious of “good days”, just like you have………ie “good days” meant that bad days came next…..and, indeed they did, for a time. But what I think will happen is , although you will continue to have ups and downs, when the downs come, you won’t go to the worst case scenario……….because you’ve navigated the territory before. It is the nature of a chronic illness. So, even though I can’t give you explicit advice, beyond what you’re doing, and you’re doing what I did & it is good, healthy stuff! ………I can tell you that it will get easier! It took me some years to lose the body memory of trauma. It was my body’s default, if that makes any sense. It will take you some time, too……..to shake that off and set a new default. You are just not there yet, but you will be.

  4. Try to take things one day at a time. This is a chronic illness now, and I’m an expert on chronic illnesses, so you have to listen to me.:) If Ana is having a good day going to school and torturing the cat, you’re gonna spoil it by worrying..”What if?” I’m having a good day today. If I fret about how I’ll be tomorrw, I’ll spoil today. Try to just enjoy the day. You’re doing everything you can for her health, and if something happens you’ll deal with it. This is your new normal..you had months of “emergency mode” and now it’s hard to shift gears, but that will get easier as time goes on. It WILL get easier..I promise ..it takes time…Mom

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