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  1. Hi Jackie,
    Glad to read your post and a little pool time. We have an above ground, if you ever want to come to West Saugerties to visit, we would love to have you and the girls whatever works for you. We too have to keep it incredibly clean for Zach. If you ever have time, I would love to meet you and your family take you out for coffee, tea -ice cream you call it. (845)532-1022.
    Our Zach is doing great and life is good. Think of you often, and following Anna’s blog even though I don’t post
    Nancy Donnelly- Swart

  2. This is a great post! Even with the lingering worries..it’s Ana in the city, Ana in the pool, and Ana having fun, fun, fun! How wonderful! Happy summer everyone.

  3. That description of Ana in the county pool — jumping off the diving board, swimming under water, getting out and having fries, jumping in again — is one of the happiest things I’ve read EVER. Yay!

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