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  1. Fantastic news!! There is always a light at the end of a somewhat dark tunnel. I say enjoy every day for sure.. I tell my grandkids, yesterday was the past and today is the present and tomorrow is an unknown future.. So enjoy your present “today” and open its gift with the utmost joy and take in all you can b/c tomorrow it will be a great memory. Every day they get out of my car and I say, enjoy your present today!! I know I do because none of us know what tomorrow may bring any of us. I am happy to read of Ana’s progress and so happy everyone is enjoying their “Present”
    Much Hugs

  2. Wonderful. This amazing life. I was thinking that maybe this blog need not be titled Ana’s Journey towards wellness but Ana’s journey in wellness. xox

  3. I have never met Ana, but have been aware of the situation since it first showed up. Amy and Stefan are my friends and Susan is my tenant and keeps me up to date. I send you all my good wishes for recovery and positive results in July.

  4. Wonderful news!!! Enjoy yourselves to the fullest. In my book you guys are an amazing family. Keep up with all of your positive thinking, it seems to be working! Happy Birthday to Ana next month!! Always in my prayers!

  5. I am Amy Mosbachers friend from her old work and have been following your posts for a while. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. What kind of bike does she want? I have a friend who owns a bike shop and I am sure he could get it for his cost. Let me know would you.

  6. This is such uplifting news, Jackie! Hope you can enjoy some peaceful, quiet moments. It’s wonderful that Ana is ending her school year in a positive direction! Peace!

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