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  1. thank you for your strength and perseverance. we are all here on this earth, in this life to support each other. Your thanks go out to each of us and should most certainly be shared with Dr. Kato. My dad was a surgeon and as a child a lot of what I knew about his job & life was that he was never home. As a young adult I was injured and went to one of the hospitals he worked at. Throughout my time there so many people told me stories of how he had helped them, saved their family member’s life or was just kind to them. Often my family would receive gifts of food or other small things each and every year from people whose life my dad saved. What an honor to be part of that cycle and we are all part of that cycle. Send gratitude early and often, your words help others just like his hands helped your family. xox

  2. Been reading your posts all along Jackie and am so happy that Ana has received such excellent care! We had a similar experience with 2 doctors just 2 weeks ago when our daughter had unexpected and serious pregnancy complications. Afterwards, when we repeatedly thanked them and cried a bit with them, they said they were just doing their job, but wow! As parents, we are so thankful for having the right people there exactly when they were needed.

  3. Tears, I can’t stop them now. This is beautiful. I hope you will actually send it to Dr. Kato, and yes, I think the hug would be ok too. Just ask him first. Thank God for people like Dr Kato and the other doctors and nurses who have helped make Ana well again. And thank God Ana had you and Jim and your incredible support system too. You all helped give her this second chance.

    Even as you return to your everyday lives, this whole experience will go with you. You will be forever changed. We all will be. Ana has taught us not to take life for granted and live every day to its fullest.

    So, Thank you, Dr Kato and Dr Hochberg and all the other doctors and nurses who have cared for Ana. Thank you Jim and Jackie and Emily. Thank you family and friends. And most of all, THANK YOU ANA for showing strength and bravery beyond my wildest dreams at such a young age. I look forward to watching you take that new liver and grow into the wonderful woman I’m sure you were destined to be.

    Lastly, Jackie, thank you for writing this blog and allowing us to spend time in your head and in your heart thoughout this journey. I’m sure this blog will help many parents get through similar experiences, by knowing they are not alone.

  4. Funny – I was thinking about this a lot yesterday – and imagining this VERY thing – how would you thank a doctor who had your child’s life in his hands like that? Well, giving him the blog you just posted is a perfect start and then a hug….

  5. What a wonderful testimonial to the team that helped give Ana a second chance! Life is so precious! Grateful for Ana’s care!

  6. Fully agree with previous comments 🙂 And tell Dr. Kato that if he hadn’t one before, he now as an international following 🙂

  7. This is very eloquent. I’ve thought so much about Dr. Kato and the team of people who performed the transplant and brought Ana new life…creating miracles. It’s mind-blowing beyond words. But your life is not small. You are a parent, the parent of this child. You will forever be her and Emily’s Mom, and Jim will be their Dad. Nothing means more, and thank goodness you and Jim got Ana to exactly where she needed to be — in the hands of Dr. Kato and the doctors and medical team. Makes me think the world really is a miraculous place. This is a beautiful post. Reading it, I saw the most wonderful picture of you all going to Frog Pond in the warm-weather months, soon, soon.

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