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  1. Dear Jim, I have been a huge fan of your work for years. I have admired your dedication and professionalism and it come as no surprise to me that your daughter is such a fighter. I truly wish you both all the very best… Del

  2. Dear Jackie and Ana,
    I had a quick trip to New Hampshire that I had to make, but am looking forward to stopping in sometime soon. Is there a way for you to include the hospital visiting hours in a message or what room Ana is in or the best times/days for a visit? I so want to see Ana, and would hope you and she would welcome that. I say prayers for Ana every day and each night… for her recovery, her bravery and stamina, and for her ability to put this into perspective and keep a positive outlook. For you, I pray as a mom, for your strength, your ability to keep it together for Ana, for all those around you to fill in the gaps in a life that has been upended by all of this, and for the rest of your family. It is a huge stress to have a child be sick much less to be going through this crisis. Take some time for yourself too. If I can do anything, I’m here. Love, Betty…

    • I am so glad you’ve been getting a big loving response and that you are surrounded by support and abundance. I love the language you are using on this site “Healing Ana” and “Journey towards wellness!” – it’s a wonderful way to CLAIM her health and wellness! Hugs, Carol

  3. hey, jackie. you are amazing with all this computer jazz. (my mom and sister bought me this one because they had become ashamed of me not having email and all) i will say a prayer for ana and for you, jim and emily. i am giving you a big hug right now.

  4. I have a doctor appointment today but will remain surgically attached to my phone..I am there with you and with Ana…I love you xxxx

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