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  1. I’m so sorry this happened! You did the right thing at every turn. And when the trip does happen, it’s going to be much much better when you all travel healthy!

  2. The timing would’ve been worse if Emily had become ill while in California, missing out all together. At least both girls should have the chance to enjoy the event together in a month. They’ll handle their disappointment for now…

    Tamiflu isn’t a magic potion, maybe it’ll help and maybe it won’t. I hope it does. Trust the old standbys – rest, fluids, Advil, and a tincture of time.

    Sounds trite to say, but nasty flu seems like a nuisance illness – one you’d willingly switch to for Ana if you had the power.

  3. You absolutely did the right thing for everyone…could you all have really let loose and enjoyed with a sick kid in the hotel? And you did the right thing for everyone else who would have been exposed. I say, in this case, trust the timing.

  4. ok, first so sorry for SNAFUs and all good wishes for a speedy healing. But sometimes things happen and being family is being family. and I am sure when you do go it will be fabulous. Disappointment and delays suck, and you all have had far too many, and I know that words can’t really change the situation right now, but sending all our love and if there is anything we can do to faux-substitute please let me know. xoxox

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