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  1. I continue to know about all of you with your beautiful writing. Ashe sad and dark as it may be, ýour love for your family just pours out as does your tears. Thank you for sharing and I hope your writing brings some peace to you. You are a very strong lady. Ana is watching over you.

  2. My heart aches for you. I imagine what you are feeling is exactly what you should be feeling at this stage of things, but so what. That doesn’t help. I am so glad you are writing this and sharing this. Share everything, it is not too much. It is not even nearly enough. I see you.

  3. Jackie, your sharing is a tremendously loving gift to Ana, Emily, Jim, and to the rest of us. Please receive our love in return. You may not see it, but it is real.

  4. The depths of your love that you have for your children and the things that you will do for them is astounding. Buying a basket for Ana for the sake of Emily shows the level of love and compassion in your heart, you are an amazing mother. My heart breaks for you, continuing to keep you all in my prayers.

  5. Your willingness to dive in and hold practically impossibly strong love and grief and truth and more love is a sacred fire I keep leaning into. Love you.

  6. Heartbroken …..heart…. broken. I think about you each day. I and anyone following …witnessing close or far is here with you surrounding you in love and light. These coming days I hope you feel that love and it somehow supports you through the different qualities of pain you are experiencing. In my own life rituals have helped me through the free fall and purgatory of extreme loss. If you need someone to help pls know I will get up early every day and walk with you.

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