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  1. that’s too bad you came across an inconsiderate nurse. but, there are and unfortunaltely the elderly and children suffer the brunt of their lack of respect. she probably would not have spoken that way to an adult patient. you’ll get to know everyone while you are there and they will get to know your family so, it’s important to establish limits so this won’t happen again. (i’d probably have a word with the supervisor. but that’s up to you) i hope your day gets better.

    • Jen, I did speak with the supervisor today. I actually told the social worker what happened and she reached out to the supervisor. The nurse was floating on the peds floor – she normally works in the NICU or PICU. So…she deals with critically ill children and babies. The nursing supervisor apologized profusely about what happened and said we would not have to worry about that nurse ever working with Ana again. So that’s definitely a relief.

  2. Jackie, you are an amazing mother! Congratulations on keeping such a straight and clear sense of what’s important right now- Ana. Righteous indignation is a powerful thing. Nice job.

  3. Oh, that makes my blood boil. When my dad had his stroke and was in a rehab center I ran into one nasty nurse – even remember her name. I’ve never forgotten her and STILL get mad when I think of her 5 years later! Unfortunately, I had to bite my tongue because she was the night nurse, I wasn’t allowed to stay the night so I was afraid she would take it out on my father. Yes… I actually knew in my heart she would be vindictive. You’re right too – the memory of the nasty ones never leave your mind. It’s completely appropriate to remind an adult that a sick, weak, tired CHILD doesn’t really have to follow ettiquete. A grown woman, who is supposed to be a professional, DOES have a code of ethics to follow.

  4. You did great, Jackie! I am so proud of you standing up for Ana like that. I can’t believe she said that. I would have gone ballistic. Good for you, good for you!!

  5. Wow…You mean you didn’t cry hysterically while telling her what a terrible person she was? And then go find her manager and complain to them too, and anyone else in the hallway that would listen? Then you handled the situation way better than I would have. I am mad just reading your post. Who does she think she is? I don’t care how Ana was or was not acting, there is no right way to handle the situation she is in, and she certainly doesn’t need people judging her. She has every right to be angry at the world if she wishes, and the hospital staff should be very well versed in dealing with that (like it sounds like the surgeon was). Maybe the nurse was having a bad day, but I can guarantee you Ana was having a worse day. I’m so glad you said something to her….BTW: I don’t respond much, but I have been reading your posts and thinking of you all often…

  6. Good for you!!! She should know better than to tell a sick child that she is being nasty….SHES ALLOWED TO BE!!!! The poor kid is going through a lot and the last thing she needs is a NASTY nurse to repremand her. Sometimes nurses forget that there is an actual person on the other side of the bandage they are trying to remove. Hope she starts to feel better soon and is up and around 🙂

  7. I am sorry to hear that this has been a dramatic day for you – and still no results… I was thinking of you today and hoping for some good news for you but I guess nothing yet and this makes it so much harder to deal with things. I hope that you have a more peaceful and for Ana , less painful, evening and night. I wonder if there is a way you can shut out the hospital world for a little while. Speak to you soon, Mary-Ann

  8. Good for you, Jackie. You rock on with your righteous self!! That sounds awful. Nurses have a hard job but, my god, they should be able to do better than that. Ana is so incredibly lucky to have you. Truly.

    I tried to donate on the site yesterday but it didn’t work. Also I don’t have PayPal. Can I just give you cash or is that confusing? I can try to deal with PayPal if so. They canceled my account when my credit card changed and I haven’t been able to re-start it…I’m a moron this way.

    We are sending love and thinking of you!! xoxoxoxo

  9. Momma lion protecting her cub.. No apologies there! After all you guys have been through…I think one of the rarest and most treasured gems are the nurses you find that have been truly called to their ‘mission’. They are the ones with empathy, patience, care, concern, TACT, devotion and a true love in helping others. THOSE are the ones you will remember FOREVER. This one, may remain with you for a while…but when your next angel comes in, I think your faith (and Ana’s) will be restored. You seem to have had a fairly good run of nurses so far! Maybe Ana can keep a log- and rate the nurses on 1-5 star basis… you will probably see them again, so this might help in knowing what to expect. Just a thought. I hope today is a better day!!! 🙂

  10. A good nurse will have empathy for you and Ana and respond appropriately. I know – I’ve been there countless times. I can’t imagine the emotional toll this is having on you, Jackie. Are there any support resources available to you at the hospital?

  11. Oh Jackie, they should know they are dealing with people on the edge after being dealt such a blow and dealing with pain and lack of sleep, and have or find the patience. How could any mother not react the way you did?

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