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  1. Your a stronger family than you know. I’m so happy that you took this vacation to love and support each other. Thinking of you all often and I know Ana is with you.

  2. Shortly after Ana passed, a long-lost necklace Ana had made for Lauryn mysteriously appeared on Lauryn’s bed. One of her biggest fears was that Ana had forgotten her or that there were things left unsaid between them, and this helped her to know that she had not been forgotten and that Ana would forever be with her. She wears it frequently. It helps her to feel Ana’s presence.

    Lauryn and I both see Ana often in frogs, birds, and nature.

  3. Thank you for sharing that journey to the edge of the sea….. what comes to my mind is that surely you are stronger than you know. Let each time you discover that truth build, and en-courage you to keep going toward and through what is so difficult. You are not alone, with Jim, with Emily, and with all of us invisibly there with you, Ana too!
    A few days ago the song Valerie came on a track Storey was playing in our car, and I had to remember Emily on stage at High Meadow, a truly unforgettable experience for me. Some moments are real keepers! Grateful for them… and for your family. Sending love and light and hugs. Bonnie

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