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  1. Reta and Ron said it well, I can only add, take this one day at a time, and do what feels right for you, and for Ana. Our support, our love, continues, silent or not. Onward with love. Bon

  2. Before there were blogs, when I was frightened or in pain, I would write in a journal. It has always been a very helpful tool for me. I know it’s not the same, it can’t give you external feedback and love, but you might find that it is helpful. Sometimes, like dancing, the writing that we do when no one is watching is freer, more personal and more self-revelatory. Your community loves and supports you and your family, fear not, we’re not going anywhere!

  3. Hey Jacky,

    you can always start a blog on your own, something like ‘healing by writing’

    I like reading your blog, so please continue. (is that selfish of me?)

    love Ron

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