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  1. Oh yes! Continue to feed the birds in winter, as the others have posted. And at some point in the coldest, darkest part of the winter, go out in the woods and hear the silence. It becomes so present and obvious, it takes on its own sound. That’s when we can hear our loved ones.

  2. Dear Jackie – the birds we get in the winter are the little grey tit mouse and the gorgeous sooty junco as well as the more colorful cardinal and the blue jay, the little downy woodpecker and sometimes bigger woodpeckers – they keep coming as long as you feed them which is so great that there can be some continuity although a change in birds. In spring if you feed thistle seed you can see the little gold finches.

    I miss Ana too and this summer when we were at the Big Deep we thought of Ana and the time we had spent there with her shortly before she was diagnosed – catching a small shrimp and just hanging out in the water. Take care of yourself and love to you, Jim and to Emily.

  3. Nope. Your words, as usual, were quite perfect. You know that my whole family is in Florida. When I tried to count my people in my head I stopped when I easily got to 80…I have been feeling the dread for days and will continue to feel it as the river rises next to my Aunts house when she is stuck with no power with my 94 year old grandmother and a tree down on her roof, and that is just the tale of 2 out of the 80. Dread. Helplessness. Wishing. Your words, as usual, helped me.??

  4. The good thing is that there are birds in the winter. ?? Just keep food out. We use sunflower seeds and it is very busy in the winter.

  5. Excruciating. So appreciate the time weirdness,: what used to seem unfathomable and what’s familiar.
    Love the bird elements. The grief contrasts of lighter and heavier. .
    It still sucks.
    Love you.

  6. Jackie, the birds will come as long as you feed them! THEY WILL COME!! They will be EXTRA grateful for your generosity in winter, and they will come to depend on it, so once you start you must continue. I get birdseed delivered regularly from Amazon, 16 lb bags b brought to my door. And the birds come ALL winter. Think of a brilliant cardinal against the white of snow and the grey trees….. actually two cardinals, always come together, the female colors muted. There is much beauty in winter, at the feeder, and below. You will see. Thinking of you and your family with much much much love! Bonnie

  7. I’ve followed your story (pretty closely) for years at this point – never feeling like I’ve had much to offer in the way of help – of consolation of any kind.
    This I can tell you.
    Keep feeding the birds through the winter.
    There will be both cardinals and blue jays.
    Lots of them.
    Many other birds, too – but the cardinals have always been my favorites. In the winter they become non-territorial and arrive at the feeders in large numbers.
    For my own reasons I’m nervous about this winter – but there WILL be birds.
    I promise.

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