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  1. Without explanation, I (and most mothers) understand completely what you mean about never knowing how much love you could give (or feel) for another person – until you had your first child.
    It’s frighteningly powerful, and it plays very much into why I (and so many others, I presume) feel compelled to follow your blog.

    Despite the fact that we have never me, you and Ana have become a real people to me. I LOVE seeing these picture of her stages -the big bug eyes, the sleeping infant, the proud sister, the loyal friend, the young lady.

    From my distance, but having been a 14 years old girl myself once, I understand and respect Ana’s desire for some privacy. She is, in most ways, just a normal teenager.

    Her 2 years of illness had been preceded by 11 years of LIFE, and I really appreciate that you’ve shared a glimpse of that life with us. I smiled broadly as I scrolled through your pictures. Happy Birthday to Ana, and (as Brooke said above and as I often say to my other mom-friends), Happy giving-birthday to YOU Jackie!

  2. Beautifully expressed, Jackie. The blessing seems to be that as mothers we can experience feeling such deep and constant love, knowing that there can be no expectation of such devotion in return. Ana’s deepest love will focus on her daughter someday, that is how it goes. So as mothers we freely love and love and love some more, just profoundly grateful for the the opportunity to do so!!! Happy GIVING Birthday to you, Jackie, and big birthday love to beautiful Ana.

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