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  1. Your dogged determination to explore every option is awe-inspiring – as are the in-depth, caring responses you’ve received from these facilities and doctors. Even if open surgery is the best option, it’s important to know you’ve done your utter best to explore every possibility.

    I had lung surgery in 2003. Yes, it’s very painful. They told me that knee surgery is more painful (and childbirth!) but that’s about it. And true, it was…yeah. But. I’ve had a few different types of procedures done here and there over the years, and I’ve had different types of illnesses and problems to deal with, and while the lung surgery recovery was very painful, it was actually rather easily *dealt* with on the pain scale. Pain management is pretty advanced these days, and I’d repeat that lung surgery instead of my very invasive sinus surgery any day.

    I know that’s probably not much of a comfort, and it’s not really meant to be, just my experience. Of course you would like to avoid scarring for your child…but she’s beautiful no matter what. You, too. We all carry scars of one sort or another, visible and not, and those who can’t look at either kind for whatever reason are not ready for our experience, strength, hope and friendship. Ana is not her scars (past, present or future), or her illness. I bet some days she feels she is, just like I bet some days you feel YOU are, too. We all feel that way sometimes.

    If I were given a choice of protectors, I’ll always choose the warrior with scars. That’s the one with proven experience, who’s lived through it all and still stands to fight another day. You’re incredible, Jackie.

  2. Thank God Ana has you for parents. You two are perfect examples of perfect parents. Congratulations on your devotion, dedication, intellectual rigor and patience. God bless you.

  3. Please add my name to the list of people grateful for your sharing, your strength and courage, and Ana’s as well. I hope there will be times when you can seize the moment, a bit of time, a time-out, from this terribly hard awful stuff, and breathe easily, with Ana. Fully in the present, even before the trip. That would be a blessing that I pray hard for, for you. Is it even possible, I don’t know. Sending love to you all. Bonnie (Storey’s maki)

  4. Your persistence is amazing, as are Jim’s and the girls’. Your questions sound quite precise and intelligent, and it’s good the doctors are answering them. I am happy to think about you all going on a vacation trip, with lots of sun, a beach and relaxation and fun, and a change of scene, soon. Meantime, every day I’m thinking of Ana and all of you, praying, sending healing energy…so multiply that by a LOT of people who continue to be with you. I hope you feel at peace that you have researched all of the alternatives and that this is Ana’s path to healing right now.

  5. We will move forward together now. But when Ana is a healthy adult she will be able to lookback
    and know that every alternative was considered and that she has the most proactive and loving parents possible. You and Jim are such wonderful parents.

  6. There are really no words. I want to magically transport all of you from this reality. I am so grateful that all of these doctors are spending the time to really explain everything to you. It sounds like surgery is the best option. On June 23rd the thoughts of the community will be with Ana. I am glad you are posting and writing. Please ask for help – we all want to help in whatever way we can. Ana could not possibly have a better advocate than you, Jackie. Love to all of you.

  7. I admire your quest to find the least invasive way to help. I also appreciate your resolve. This is so far from easy it’s in another universe. My thoughts are with you. Best, Sandy Reid

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