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  1. Hi Jackie – I am so glad that things are again on an upswing. What a journey this is. Ana looked so great in the dances and with the singing – it was so nice to see her out and about with the other children enjoying things that children should be enjoying. Hang in there and if you need anything call. take care and enjoy this long weekend, Mary-Ann

  2. Im glad things are on the up swing again. Its wonderful that Ana feels well enough to be caught up in the end of year festivities, she needs that.
    It made me feel good to see you write “its a joy to see her happy”, I felt like you were smiling. I felt like maybe for at least a second you wiped the worry away. You need that.
    HUGS to you in advance for your birthday.
    I think about you often.

  3. hi there –
    I’ve posted here a couple of times – but you don’t know me.
    I read through the definitions of the liver enzyme numbers and I was reminded of how I felt when i was in a situation similar to the one you find yourself in now. . .

    I found that I was desperately grateful for all of the medical research that has EVER been done. How do they know (for god’s sake!) what role each of those enzymes plays in the function of the liver – the body – HOW do they EVEN know that they exist at ALL?! What kind of miracle IS it that allows them to draw just a little bit of blood and come back with all of this INFORMATION? Information that they USE to – well, you know what they do.
    I came away (not that I will ever come away from the medical things we’ve been through) with the deepest awe for all of the research that’s gone on and continues to go on. . .
    Not sure I could ever put it into words – but I’m sure you know what I mean.
    I’m so glad things are headed in the right direction again –

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