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  1. I’m very sorry to hear about your daughter. She is in my prayers. I will share that I have a son who had his first transplant at the age of 12. He has just recently been relisted for his secound liver transplant at Weil Cornell in NYC. I completely understand what you are going through. If you would like to contact me I would love to share information and lend an understanding ear. Again, I understand how painful this process is and I have leared how important support is.
    My phone # is 943-0543 or please feel free to email me. God Bless. Colleen

  2. I wish I could hug you – and I am not a hugger. I can so feel your pain, and I am more grateful than ever that my kids’ health issues pale in comparison. I don’t think there will ever be a good answer to the “why”. Crying is good – I remember when I was a little girl, crying over something, my mother trying to comfort me. When it was really bad (and there were really bad times) she eventually always would say “Well, I guess, it is best if you cry it all out – sometimes that is the only way to go.” Cry it all out, and then you will go on, because that is what mothers do.

    My yoga practice has helped me tremendously with dealing with fear – it helps if you an focus on the here and now and not obsess about the future. We are all here for you, hoping and wishing that things will go well. There are so many successful transplant stories – I am thinking of a guy who used to be a professional soccer player in my son’s favorite team. He had two kidney transplants and continues to be a professional soccer player (in a better team…).

    You have two beautiful daughters who are incredible artists and singers. You are blessed, in spite of everything else. It will be okay in the end, it just has to be. Hugging you from afar,

  3. Wish I could knew you and talk with you about all that is swirling around, emotions out-of-control, etc. In its absence, I can just say – what you are going through is hard beyond belief and it is more than okay to acknowledge that. So many people’s thoughts are with you.

  4. “Iā€™m trying to grasp why my child has to go through this …”
    The ‘why’ is always haunting and what answer is there anyway?
    It just sucks and no one gets to tell you how to act or feel or when to act it or when to feel it. Just get through today and don’t let the commercialism of the day guilt you into ‘feeling’ anything at all. The hustle and bustle doesn’t matter – it’s a day. And tomorrow is another one.

  5. Sending you strength and peaceful thoughts. Of course you would feel all these things and want it to be different. Who wouldn’t? Holding you up in my heart.

  6. I wish I had some words to take the pain away and make this easier. I don’t know why you all have to go through this. It doesn’t seem fair.
    What occurs to me, and I hope it is ok to say this, but maybe reach inside and connect with that which you do have gratitude for today – like that Ana has access to great medical care, that you don’t live in a war zone, that kind of thing. When I am in a dark place and I dig for things I am grateful for it really helps. I don’t really want to compare any of my stupid problems to this situation, but I suppose I am just looking for any possible thing to help you right now.
    I hope you all have a peaceful and restful day tomorrow.
    Much love to you,

  7. Ughh, my heart is with you. If it is any consolation, a girl that I grew up with and who is my best friend is a doctor at Columbia and I will have her look in on her. I wish I could erase all that you have been through. We are still here and say a prayer every day for Ana’s health. Much love, the Jacobs Family!

  8. So many information. It is okay if you feel overwhelmed. The journey is long, but you already in the middle of it. One at a time. Remember when the first time you had Emily and must learn all the information quickly? You did it. Now that you and I look back, it was tiring but we are here in the end, safe and sound. You will get through this, too.
    We can’t control everything and it is annoying, but I do believe that God loves Ana and He has a great time and plan for her. You must be really scared, every mom will do. But you are a great mom, wonderful. You already do your best, give the rest to God.
    We love you, we keep you in prayer. I also want Ana badly to be healthy again. I can’t imagine what she has been through, but I am glad she has great parents.

  9. It’s like something from each paragraph hits hard. Whammo! Hearing in your words how every dimension of life is asking you to be ON. ON ON ON. ON!

    The very fact you have any reflections at all to share moves me. Just the info alone is enough to fill one’s head to the brim and consume. Let alone *feelings* about what’s happening, *processing* of all of the information, and, you know, regular mothering and wifeing and working and Being. šŸ™‚

    Yet here you are. So thank you.

    You crack me up with your salad bar references. They have become an important visual reference to me throughout this process, like a non sequitur barometer. I challenge you to a salad tongs duel, me lady! šŸ˜€ xoxoxo

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