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  1. Jackie, I agree with the thought of Nick, if they werent brave enough to sign it shouldnt be taken into account.
    I also agree that Ana is mature enough to be honest with you if you ask her if she cares about it right now. Didnt some of her school friends also check in here? She understands what you need, that it makes you feel better to get the words out because the feelings are attached. Its the same with everyones cell phone, tablet or computer, sometimes we need a way to express ourselves without verbalising it outloud.
    You do whats right for Ana and yourself.
    HUGS to you all.

  2. Hi Jackie,

    I don’t think that Ana’s story is “plastered all over the internet” – but there are, of course, valid concerns here that you have thought about and that the other commenters have written about. My experience with a family blog that I kept when we moved from one country to another also was that I quickly realized that I wanted to protect it with a password so I would have some control over who read it. Password-protected access might be one solution to consider while you decide whether or not to go on posting at all. However, this is not only Ana’s story, it is also yours. AND you are a very good writer, so you really have something to give – to other parents forced to go on a similar journey. I think it would be wonderful to keep that ressource accessible to those parents who just have been hit with a diagnosis and are frantically googling for help, advice, and hope. Maybe you can find a way to “anonymize” the blog so that people who find it later and are not personally acquainted with you cannot trace it back to you (at least not easily) and use that as a compromise…
    Wishing you and your family all the best, no matter what you decide!

  3. Jackie, I have loved checking in and being able to follow your story. I believe you’ve used the blog with respect and care and in so many ways it is unbelievably magical the way you’ve opened yourself and your family to all of us and created this web that connects. I also feel I have followed you in a mom to mom sort of way and you’ve always been careful about Ana’s privacy. I have appreciated the title “healing Ana” because it puts things into perspective and I believe you have always done that – even when it has been difficult – the depth of your love and your hope has been a beautiful thing to witness. I think of You and Ana all the time and I have to think that all the others who have read your story and think of her – all this “thinking” must have some powerful impact on our lives and yours – if our thoughts are things that shape us and create us. I admire what you have done this year and I feel I have witnessed a miracle. Maybe you should give yourself a time line and a goal for going private or changing the format or writing the book or whatever you decide.. It would be a way to visualize and prepare for the next phase. I don’t know – these are just my thoughts as I am humbled by it all and it is hard to give advice because ultimately I applaud you and your decisions and your actions in the face of crisis. For sure, I know, you should keep writing. You have a gift.

  4. Jackie, I think your questions are always thoughtful. But important questions need to be pondered. Take time as your Mom says to decide what is right for Ana, you and this whole amazingly supportive community. Besides GOOD NEWS is part of this journey. Stay connected as you need. Ana also knows her mind, she will let you know. And what a gift to have this blog to give her in her adulthood. Celebrate yourself for creating this venue to express yourself and create community. We all had our ways. Hope you don’t mind but I would like to express my gratitude publicly to my long time friends who were at the end of the phone line available for long phone calls whenever I needed them. Thank you everyone (You know who you are). It was amazing for me to know during the hardest times I could always find one of you to talk/cry/vent with. So Sunday will be an important turning point for all of us. We need to celebrate together. Thank you Jackie for this blog and your wonderful writing. We are here as long as you need us.

  5. I think Ana is mature enough to realize the value of this blog and how it has helped all of you… from the community support to helping you get through the hard times. And if this blog helps another kid or family, she would probably want it to stay up forever! Someone posting an inflammatory comment anonymously lacks maturity and validity. Probably a bored kid avoiding homework.

  6. Keep the posts coming, please. We ALL care about Ana. It’s best to vent feelings so they don’t stay heavy in the mind and heart. I don’t know you or Ana, but my thoughts and prayers are with you. I work with Cindy Berryann.
    Much Love Always,
    Vinnie Uvino

  7. God this burns me Jackie. It brings me back to when I used to keep a public blog and it only took one person to bring it to the ‘shut-it-down’ point. In my case, I knew who it was and knew not to place any value, truth, intelligence, or relevance to the comment. When I figured out ‘why’ it bothered me so much, I realized my discomfort was from having it confirmed in real-life-print there are people whose life energy vibrates at low, poisonous levels.
    I never deleted the comment from my blog. Eventually I went private and for many of the reasons you cite for why you know you will stop writing also. If/when you go private, please keep me on the ‘read’ list as I would love to see how Ana’s life grows. Give that comment a few days to sink in and I suspect you too will realize your discomfort reading it doesn’t come from a place of truth or concern, it’s coming from a place much darker. And that darker part will bother you more than the comment. << I hope that makes sense. Trust your words and the sharing of this phase of your life. I've had a couple of years to sit on the comment left a few years ago and I plan on showing that comment to my kids when they get older. I plan on telling them who wrote it, why 'they' wrote it, and use it as a real-life example of darkness they never want to be.

  8. I think whatever you choose is fine. I feel moved to say, whatever you do, You are not alone. You and your family are loved and supported by your friends, family, community and the web of life itself. There is a level of experience that by it’s nature is personal and solitary, this is part of the existential dilemma of human existence, we are also profoundly connected and can permit ourselves to be sustained by this connection, whatever form it is manifesting in. Peace and Love, Reta

  9. I think you should do whatever is best for you and for Ana..for what it’s worth I’ve found that when I go with my gut feeling I’m usually right..it sounds like it’s probably time to stop the blog..and work on your book 🙂

  10. I think this blog has accomplished much. It’s done an amazing job of keeping hope alive, for you, for sure, but also for family, friends, the community of caring/sharing folk, and for Ana. And after sharing in all the nail bitting, I think it’s important to share in all the reasons to celebrate.

    It’s clear that Ana is on her way. Yay! And it’s my guess that your instincts have been so on for so long that when the moment is right, you’ll know when to “stop the presses.” Until then, I’ll keep reading and thinking good thoughts.

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