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  1. My heart breaks for both of you. I’m reading this on Thursday and hoping you both got some good sleep last night. Is Ana receiving pain meds regularly? Is it possible to medicate her before painful situations (walking, dressing changes)? Thinking of you often.

  2. Just sending thoughts this morningto to Ana and you all for a better day. I will keep Ana and you in my prayers throughout the day. Ana is never far from my thoughts – and I am keeping them focused on more small victories and strength for her. Let’s keep our faith in a break in the clouds to see forward to healing. There are so many os standing with you every day.

  3. Hi to Jackie and Ana – I am so sorry this is so hard and that Ana is in so much pain. Natasha misses Ana and also wishes the pain away and that Ana was starting school with them today. I know abdominal surgery is so challenging and painful and did find a body wrap helpful even when lying down as it helps give stability and support when you move. Hopefully Ana has a better day today and that the pain starts to decrease. My thoughts and love with you all, take care Mary-Ann and Natasha.

  4. Praying that the walk was a success and that Ana felt a bit triumphant after it was over. Like you said, ‘small victories’. Hoping that you both had some rest, and that the strength and love everyone is sending to you all, encourages and uplifts you for a much better day today!

  5. Just offering more support and love to all of you, and hopes for better days to come. You are being held in many hearts and minds in this community.

  6. This is so hard. You are right; postsurgical abdominal pain is excruciating. Is Ana back on pain med drip? I wish you both relief, comfort and some light company to help.
    A Tibetan prayer flag now drapes my front window for Ana. When I figure out how to add a photo, I will send it to her. Much love.

  7. Oh, Jackie, I am so sorry that Ana has to go through this and that you and Jim have to watch. I continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Holding you and Ana tonight in my heart, Jackie, after such a hard and painful day. I can recall when Emily came home that time, because we came over soon to see her during that recuperation. Things did get much better, and I hold in my heart and mind that they will now, too, for you two, Jim and Emily, and the whole family . I know you feel helpless while at the same time you are doing so much, and absolutely everything you can. I feel heartsick that Ana is going through this. We are all here. I want Ana to know how much we are all here. I’ll pray tonight that tomorrow is better, and the day after that…until she is healed. I hope you can can rest.

  9. I just read the update for today, and I am happy to know that everything I read is on the past and you are all hopefully sleeping now. Twelve hours before anymore walking. I am sorry for this pain Jackie. All of it, and we will miss Ana tomorrow at school. You are constantly in our thoughts.

  10. Jackie,
    I’ve been following Ana’s situation since the beginning. I think we know your family from Kingston, Hudson Coffee Traders specifically. But we initially came to hear of Ana’s story from Amy, Chloe is a friend of my daughters. This IS a mother’s worst nightmare and my heart goes out to your family. We’ve kept your family in our prayers and speak about Ana often. I thought the Child Life person to introduce Ana to other children was a great idea for Ana, but now I can’t help wonder if that same wouldn’t be helpful for you…..someway to ease your pain, your post tonite brought tears, I can’t imagine the pain your entire family is in…..does the hospital have a support group for mothers in your situation, sometimes hearing from people who have been in your shoes might give you some comfort…?? Just a thought…we’ll keep your family in ours. You have been strong and you’ll move forward one step at a time, and there are lots of people sending you and Ana good thoughts…hold on to that for now………

  11. As a fellow mother, I hate today too on your behalf. I want to kiss the hurt and make it all better for everyone. Completely understand. Am thinking of you and your baby. Hang in there sister!

  12. We’re holding you all in our hearts today, especially Ana. We’re wishing you a better day tomorrow, with sleep and rest and healing.
    Please tell Ana that when school starts tomorrow, she will be very missed – when we sing at gathering tomorrow, we will be singing for and to her.

    Thinking of you

  13. It sounds so awful for both of you. It’s hard to believe they can’t get her pain under control. Hoping she will have a restful night and feel better tomorrow. Also hoping you will get the biopsy info back.

  14. Today is almost over, and I hope that tomorrow will be better for you and especially for Ana. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be and how helpless you must feel. We are all here praying and trying to send you strength.

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