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  1. Such clear images in your piece. I personally feel even more visually acute witnessing how you See so much, and how you contrast those things in these lines.

    Thanks for the courage to share both your awesome prose and awesome poetry with the rest of us! It’s so interesting, I reread your poem a few times and somehow kept flipping the last two lines. I think that’s how I see it for myself.

  2. I have been the nurse who worked in those halls. These are incredibly powerful, accurate words. I’m glad that you have an exit strategy for your ominous feelings and observations. As they fill you up, get them OUT of you!

    That said, I hope you will choose to have your Ana-inspired poems published some day.


  3. “Everything’s coming in these great big bursts.” Yes. This burst really makes a person feel that place as if walking the corridors, of harsh light and shadows, so many edges and dozens of doors, pain and healing and dying and living. I keep thinking how hard it has to be to wait right now, in this limbo of waiting, during this season that I know you always have loved sharing with the girls and Jim and family. I love your bursts of humor in the middle all the time, like “That’s too many halves, I know.” That cracked me up, and I laughed out loud. It has to be hard to look “forward” to taking Ana to the hospital. talk about having to deal with anticipation but stay in the present moment. Sheesh. I know I keep seeking to focus on the healing that will come out of it. Your poetry is incredible, always. Love, Susan

  4. two years ago my friend’s husband passed away. he was a strong, wirey, extremely witty man. after his hospital stay, before his passing, even though his words were the same, the look in his eyes had changed. he looked fractued and suprised. i’ve passed several nights in the hospital for one reason or another and you’ve captured that feeling so well in this piece.

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