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  1. HI Jackie – I could not have said that better. I agree that our children are so unique and treated that way and our whole family has benefited from the sense of Family that pervades High Meadow. I am so glad that Ana is doing well and enjoying being back at school. Natasha has been so happy to spend time with her at school again. take care and enjoy your writing. Mary-Ann

  2. Oh Jackie, this is just so beautiful. I remember Ana struggling so much in public school. It felt as if I were watching her get smaller and smaller. And then you and Jim found High Meadow School. Within just a few months I could literally see her expand. I agree with Grandma Judy. You and Jim are amazing parents. And thank you High Meadow for being the wonderful, loving, creative learning environment that you are.

  3. What a spot-on description of our magnificent school! This is our first year at High Meadow and as a new parent I am experiencing many of the grateful feelings you describe as I watch my daughter thrive in our new, nurturing community. Your words speak to my heart. I am SO happy to hear of Ana progress. It’s a blessing to share community with you and your sweet family, HMS is a magical place.

  4. Jackie, I remember those conversations back in Kindergarten/First-grade and it’s so wonderful that you stuck with your gut and your knowing that Anna wasn’t in the right place. Your instinct has lead you to the community that has become so central to your life. What a wonderful post.

  5. I had a similar experience to Ana’s in public school..artistic window gazers (I skipped the musical part) have a miserable time in public school. I was bullied in Junior High for being a nerd. I remember my reaction to the little tour you gave me of High Meadow..my eyes glazed over… I was in love. I know that you’ve had to make sacrifices to keep Ana and Emily in High Meadow, and what an incredible gift it was you’ve given them. They have both blossomed there. You and Jim are amazing, amazing parents…

    • Can I sign-up for this wonderful school so I can be what I could have been?

      Judy’s reply was exactly the same situation I found myself in; going back to pre-school.
      I knew I was in the wrong place but my parents had no clue way back then. I’ve paid for their lack of knowledge ever since. I too excelled in music and art. My artistic talents were recognized, nothing addressed my musical side at all. When I was three, I walked up to our Baby Grand and was playing with both hands. Later on I was playing by ear but never was able to read music. Why should I, if I liked what I heard I sat down and played it. Who needed to read music???
      Jackie you couldn’t have written it any better.

  6. Struck to the core I am, by what you have written here, Jackie. We are just not meant to go this thing called life alone. What luck for us all to have found HMS, and even better that we get to co-create it every day. Now where is that tissue…?

  7. What a beautiful testimony to how amazing High Meadow is, and to what education can be in the best of worlds. My goodness, it is and has been such an answer for both Ana and Emily from the start. It’s even more incredible to think about how High Meadow’s foundation of love, learning, community, and support became so crucial during Ana’s healing. I know you and Jim give back so much to the school, too. Great piece!

  8. Wonderful, uplifting, beautiful, sensitive, supportive update, reflecting your love for your girls and their school. Bless you.

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