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  1. You have singlehandedly changed how I view Christmas cards! I also relate to what you wrote here, as we received many fewer than in years past, too.

    I’m appreciating knowing how much these traditions have come to mean to you, especially this year when things are all turned upside down.

    Thanks for helping to show me some special Christmas glitter through your words. xo

  2. Hay Ana this is Vyda Mealea’s sister. I used to go to Anna Devine with you? Anyways I just wanted to let you guys know that my family has been reading your updates on Ana. You guys have been strong through each problem that came up. Good luck with the surgury’s for jackie and Ana and hope your christmas will still feel like christmas.

  3. Janne is right. Christmas will be wherever Ana is. Christmas is not a place. As the saying goes, Christmas is in our hearts.

    Ten years ago today, Zachary was born, 2 months premature, We spent that Christmas in the hospital. He was 6 days old, and I got to breastfeed him for the first time on Christmas morning. I cannot explain what that meant to me. We had a little, tiny tree next to his isolette. We could not be together as a family that Christmas. Lauryn was not allowed in the NICU, and there was a blizzard coming. I had to make a choice – stay at the hospital with my baby or go home to be with my toddler. In the end, I chose to go home and be with Lauryn. My point here is that you will hopefully be together, and perhaps receiving the best gift of all, Ana’s health. If you are at the hospital, you can try to bring some of the things that mean “Christmas” to you – the stockings, those 3 cards, maybe a small artificial tree. You will make meaningful memories wherever you are.

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