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  1. I wonder if the kids could do more for Emily at school. Rylie said “Emily just wants to be treated like a normal kid, like she is just Emily.” But maybe that has changed for her. Rylie has been wearing the necklace Emily gave her that Ana made every day – her own quiet way of honoring Ana, I think – I wonder if there is more the kids can do to let Emily know that they are affected too, they love her and support her. I hate to think she doesn’t feel supported at school. The kids might need some guidance around this.
    You are doing an amazing job. You are not alone. We are here. So much love to all of you. This is so hard.

  2. I found s picture of Ana and Sophia in one of the many piles all over my house. I looked at it disbelief that she could be gone. In some weird way the finding of the ohoto at that moment made me feel that Ana was telling me she still is around, just not as we knew her. She and Sophia went there separate ways after High Meadow, pursuing different dreams and having to adjust to different schools . But time melted away in an instant . She still refers to her as a best friend and is struggling with dealing with her loss. . She’s gone from crying to laughing about memories , to moments of regret, to screaming at me- all the natural stages of grief . She had to get a shot today and was so nervous but was reminded of the time with Ana and how Ana had reassured her . She said she would do I it for Ana. I’m so grateful for what they shared, it has added a depth to Sophias life. Ssnding a of you guys a hug and love. I know this is a very raw time right now, just know you are all being held in love.

  3. Fuck, this was hard to read. Thank you for putting some more words to this devastating heartache in my chest. I love the ways love and Ana are shared, spread, and shadowed in and around you. Love you.

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