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  1. There’s a beautiful simplicity to this post — a redirection of joy, like you’ve restored something that matters to making you who you are. When I think “Uncle,” I think of a tormented surrender around “winning” and “losing.” But here I’m feeling more of “Release,” an intentional letting go of what doesn’t serve your highest good right now. And now there’s more space for whatever it is that does nourish and serve you. Holding hands, singing Yes along with you. xoxoxo

  2. Hi Jackie and Jim –
    Sending much love from everyone at the BOCES Childcare center.
    Please tell our “artist” Ana that we LOVE her drawings, and hope to see more of them soon.
    See you on Sunday!

  3. Right and proper to focus on the GOOD stuff!! Yay for Ana! In the meantime, I posted two rants on CDPHP’s FB page. Just because I can.

  4. YAY! YAY! YAY FOR ANA!!!!!!!!!! So happy she got to return to school. Some normalcy will do wonders for her! Good luck in you battle with the insurance company, I pray Ana gets the best care available……… btw, Snickers always wins!!!!

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