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  1. we all have our to do lists, life is right here in the present and we are all here with you all. Scream, yell, laugh, cry, dance, travel, eat, write, love- they are all on the list too. xoxox

  2. Yes! The power of words is profound, as you know. “Wish” it is, and so appropriate because with every donation or helping hand there’s a wish that goes along and adds to the pot of positivity. Keeping Ana and you all in our thoughts, Liz.

  3. We are all sending love and healing. No worries… your a word smith so I can understand your challenge with using words that maybe did not reflect your true meaning. I don’t care …it’s all a wish list. Wishing all our dreams come true. Peace …. and relaxation… just today. Peace love and healing. You are a wonderful mother.

  4. Hi Jackie – I agree with you. Ana has proved again and again that she is not just any little girl with cancer, she is extraordinary and brave and has fought her cancer with your family’s and the doctors’ help and her sheer tenacity. Love to you and thinking of you always, Mary-Ann

  5. How about her “worth it” list. Things she does because life is worth it, fighting is worth it, every minute you guys have together is worth living to the fullest.

    How is this possibly happening to a little girl. Too many littles having to fight too damn hard.

  6. shhhh… it doesn’t matter what you call it, the fact is.. the road ahead is not easy, and it is important to be able to enjoy today. if enjoying today means that you don’t have to worry that you paid to have someone clean your house, or you paid off a medical expense, or that Ana and Emily get to have fun/memories and experiences.. then it has achieved its purpose. don’t look backwards… look forward to tomorrows.

  7. Definitely a wish list. That is what make a wish is about. To be creative and to have important and fun things to look forward to. Ana’s attitude of ” I just want a normal day ” so much of the time has been my inspiration for getting through each day. Funny you would have thought it would have been the other way around. She is both a wonderful normal teen and an amazing hero. Love you Jackie. Some days it’s supposed to be a Healing Jackie day.

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