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  1. Such great news! We keep hitting “refresh” on the blog, eager for every drop of news. Sending all good thoughts to all of you every inch of the way!!! Such a huge hurdle that Ana has cleared! Hooray!!!

  2. Yes, Ana! What a tough cookie she is. We are with you every minute. Don’t forget to take deep breaths Jack and Jim…you need your strength too. Sending fresh heap of love and prayer with every post!

  3. So amazing… still praying, still visualizing her awake and well…. So thrilled for this update! Watching all day for news of her. Keep up your strength, and please ask for anything you might need.

  4. It must feel so good knowing that awful thing is out of her. (This is Susan D’s friend who has been in awe of you and this blog since September. You are an incredible force and so is your beautiful daughter!)

  5. She’s over the biggest hurdle! So glad she was able to get this transplant. No question about it, the old liver just wasn’t going to heal! stay strong and hope you can get some rest later.

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