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  1. I ran down to check my email looking for this update. Yes! You know how some yogis survive on air? I’m hoping you can get some restorative energy just by breathing today.

    Welcome to a new Day! Post-op! Let’s go!


    if i can’t do
    what i want to do
    then my job is to not
    do what i don’t want
    to do

    it’s not the same thing
    but it’s the best i can

    if i can’t have
    what i want then
    my job is to want
    what i’ve got
    and be satisfied
    that at least there
    is something more
    to want

    since i can’t go
    where i need
    to go then i must go
    where the signs point
    though always understanding
    parallel movement
    isn’t lateral

    when i can’t express
    what i really feel
    i practice feeling
    what i can express
    and none of it is equal
    i know
    but that’s why mankind
    alone among the animals
    learns to cry
    —Nikki Giovanni

  2. Jackie, I’m praying and praying for you and your entire family. You are never more than a minute from my thoughts. It is a beautiful sunrise here, and I thought, perhaps This is the sign that Ana will have a beautiful road to recovery and health.

  3. Morning Jackie and Jim- I hope that you all managed to get some sleep and that Ana is doing well. We are all thinking of you and sending our thoughts and prayers. Take care of yourselves when you can and Love to Ana from us, Mary-Ann and family.

  4. what a strong girl she is!!! Thank goodness!!! It sounds like she is in great hands and I hope you and Jim can get a little rest… much love to you guys…

  5. I am picturing Ana sleeping very sweetly right now, getting deep rest. And so I hope you all can, too. I’m sure you are so exhausted…likely beyond exhausted. I am going to keep my faith in Ana’s strength and spunky nature, in the high and exquisite skill level of these doctors and medical people…and ultimately, in the Divine watching over Ana. Today felt like living inside a miracle with Ana’s surgery, and with the connection and outpouring of so many who love Ana and your family. We all have to keep vigil to help Ana get through this. Love her so much!

  6. Sleep while you can…perhaps follow the advice given to me when I was a new mom, sleep when your daughter sleeps. You’ll need your strength in the coming days. Keeping Ana and your family in our prayers tonite and good thoughts.

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