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  1. Checking your blog one last time from the West Coast before I go to bed. I am praying for you all right now, especially that Ana’s fever would come down so everything can proceed as hoped and planned. So grateful that not just an “acceptable” liver is available, but such an “excellent” liver is available for Ana. Grateful for the donor.

  2. I just woke up and checked the computer, and I saw this, so I’m praying at this hour — like so many. Thank you for these updates! It’s good to read that Dr. Kato, according to the fellow, will want to go forward with the transplant since this is such a good opportunity. Wow. Praying that everyone is being guided in the absolute best way possible for Ana’s healing. Hope Ana is getting some sleep. Love to you all. We’re all out here holding vigil.

    • Clarifying, too, that the info from the fellow was from the 12:30 update — great to be able to read these updates — so I’m hoping and praying that Dr. Kato can go forward with the transplant, Like others, I’m feeling grateful for the donor and very mindful of the gift of life…and how it continually occurs and sustains. Continuing thoughts to Ana, Jim, and you!

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