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  1. What an intense moment of time you’ve described here. Like so much hangs in the balance: fever, release forms, timing….Wowza. xo

  2. i spelled Ana’s name wrong – pls delete this comment. I love you guys & don’t even know you, well i know Jim a little from Grenadilla. Bless your hearts. You are an AMAZING mother Jackie. I believe that Ana has a very powerful musical gift. I am just sending every hope in my heart to her right now. We are wearing our blue Ana bracelets!

  3. I’ve never met you Jackie, I’m a new HMS parent and I’ve heard Ana sing. Her story has captured my heart and I am sending every hope, prayer, and song of love her way today & throughout her recovery. Thank you so much for sharing your story, much love and strength to you and your whole family.

  4. Went to sleep praying for Ana. Dreamt praying for Ana. Woke praying for Ana.

    We are sending all of our love and light each minute and I am so happy it seems like a go.

  5. I am praying for all of you and the surgical staff too. Sending you my love and support. You will be constantly in my thoughts today! You’ve reached the final leg of this race, and although it is the hardest, the end is finally in sight!

    Jackie, BREATHE!!

  6. Yes! Sounds like a go. Continuing prayers here, and will do so throughout. Now I’ll stop commenting (since I did the past couple of hours) and head to work in the city soon. Will send thoughts northward as I am in Midtown. Take special care, and know that Ana is in good hands and care. Hope you get that coffee. Much love to Ana and you all!

  7. It’s going to be a very long day but there are many of us – even those you don’t know – holding you and Jim and Ana and Emily. I am Janne’s friend – my whole family is praying for Ana.

  8. I am Lauryn’s grandmother. I am so happy for all of you, especially Ana! Have been praying for Ana since I heard the news last night. Will certainly continue praying for Ana and the family. Thank you for the updates Jackie.

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