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  1. Thinking of you. Try to get some rest/sleep, even if it is just a few minutes. Hoping that it all will go smoothly from now on.

  2. Comfort yourself with knowing that Ana isn’t aware of ANY of this. She is sleeping deeply, not even dreaming yet. When she awakens, the liver will be settling in, the kink will be gone, and YOU will be there.

  3. Hope you can find strength and comfort that so many people are sending you and ana positive thoughts and wishes…..we’ll be waiting to hear your good news……stay strong (easier said than done, though I know)

  4. I know this is very, very scary, not to mention how exhausted you must be after this long, long day. It’s good that they are so on top of this so that they can take care of an issue coming up. I am keeping up prayers tonight, and countless people are sticking by you on this vigil for Ana. Thank you for keeping us updated, and please know that we are with you.

  5. Oh Jackie. It is so good she is being monitored so closely. They know what they are doing. We are all praying for Ana. There was a candle burning for her at school all day. We are all there right with you.

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