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  1. Happy to hear things are progressing… slowly, I know, but at least they are moving in the right direction. And Ana has very good taste. Mint chocolate chip ice cream rocks.

  2. Sending Ana images of Chocolate Chip Ice Cream mountains, forever in her grasp. I hope that they have a support group for you, as others are going through the same highs and lows there. It is so hard to weather this by yourself. Sending you images of a sweet fantasy vacation together on some warm island, with folks waiting on your every whim, with chocolate chip ice cream for Ana. One day at a time, one moment built on another moment… sending love your way… Betty

  3. Happy that Ana got her ice cream. It’s the little things that count and show us the big picture. Continuing to send Reiki to you all!

  4. I am so thrilled to hear the good news about Ana’s recovery! Thank God all is going well! She is continually in my prayers. Lauryn was so happy reading your post after school yesterday. A little sad not to be able to share this snow storm with Ana, but delighted to shop with her in the spring! May God richly bless you all with the grace you need to continue on this journey! Cindy

  5. As I read your wonderful post, I’m caught between the joy of thinking of Ana eating mint chocolate chip ice cream and the upset of considering Ana in pain at all. At all! I hate that she has to go through any pain and that you as parents see her go through it. The thing is, though, every day is going to bring milestones, and you can look back and see how far you have come. Janne used to always have a funny phrase she would say: “Easy for you, difficult for me.” I know that for sure. I wish each of us could take this very, very, very difficult time and ordeal away from Ana. Yet it is true that she has gotten a miracle of a new liver and is on her way.

    I just looked up articles on helping your child cope with pain. One article I found — from Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center — suggests these ways to help your child when she is feeling pain: comfort her; do deep breathing in and out very slowly; try distraction with music, etc.; use music also to do relaxation; do guided imagery (Katniss?). (When I can’t change something, I research.) All to say that my heart is with you and Ana tonight, and Jim and Em and family.

    You are an incredible, focused, devoted, and wonderfully loving Mom. Ana is amazing, strong, brave, and resilient. I can’t wait until you keep seeing the milestones t– some big, some small — tumble. Be strong as you can. When you can’t, lean on someone there, or on us. We are here, praying, thinking how every day Ana is getting better and HEALING. Love you all!

  6. What a wonderful reward for Ana to be able to have her request granted. Mint chocolate chip rocks, Ana rocks, you rock, Mama Jackie! Rock on!!!

  7. Its all the little things that will add up to a GREAT result. Its good to hear things are on recovery side. Sending and HUGS and best wishes. (and more ice cream 🙂 )

  8. Damned right mint chocolate chip! Why is it that I’ve cream makes everything better? Sweet dreams Jackie and Ana, minty an chocolatey…
    Jackie, you are truly remarkable.

  9. I hate mint chocolate chip, but of course that’s not important. Glad to hear Ana can smile. It’s the little things that mean a lot from here on out

  10. Oh to be a kid and be able to get upset at the banal every day things like ice cream in the midst of such turmoil! Thank goodness for small things in the midst of such momentous ones!

    With you all every step of the way…Michelle

  11. Baby steps. It is all baby steps from here. She is going to do great. I faith in that statement. The kid loves Mint Chocolate Ice Cream (my favorite) how could she not do wonderfully with great taste like that. Stay strong Mama I know this has been one hard battle.

  12. I’m so glad Ana could enjoy her ice cream. MCC is my son’s favorite too. Once Ana is out of all the sedating drugs I bet she’s going to go to town on the rest of her recovery. She’s been so brave all along. Hang in there!

  13. Mint chip ice cream, my favorite too. Glad she got what she wanted, one small step of about a hundred that will take her on the journey back to wellness! Hooray for Ana! And you are an amazing Mom Jackie, YOU ROCK!

  14. You sound so laser-focused Mom mode right now. What a comfort to Ana, being advocated for and witnessed during this early stage of healing. Love to all of you. And Hooray for mint chocolate chip ice cream! 🙂 xoxoxo

  15. I can’t wait to see her..this Snowpocalypse thing is very inconvenient..I love you both and we will see you soon…

  16. This seems like more great news. Everything seems right on track. My tidbit of advice is to not project too much into the future if you can help it. Right now, at this moment, Ana got the perfect liver, had an amazingly successful surgery, and is recovering as well as possible. This is just so incredible. There are a lot of hurdles to come – but try not to think about them all at once. Of course you will have help tomorrow, and every step of the way, I hope. Ana is so strong. So are you. Of course my kid is not the one going through it, so I feel kind of awful giving you any kind of advice. But you all have met every single challenge so far, there is no reason to think that will not continue. So I guess I am just saying take everything one day, one moment at a time, as best you can. If your mind drifts to the future let it drift to that day when Ana is running around again, singing, dancing, playing. That is what I have been spending time envisioning every day. I can see it so clearly. Love to all of you.

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