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  1. i cant wait for that day either! i cant wait for her to come home!!!! i will text ana later i dont have my ipod on me right now, for now i will email her! you guys are all in my prayers!

  2. To add to what Bonnie and Susan said- My sister-in-law belongs to a small Methodist congregation in New Paltz. Months ago they received a request for prayers for an 11 year old girl in need of a liver transplant. They began praying immediately, not knowing the child’s name or who made the request. After hearing Ana’s story from me, my sister-in-law realized it was the same girl and was able to go back to her church with Ana’s name and updates. She tells me they’ve been “lifting Ana up” every Sunday and will continue as long as is needed.

  3. Susan is right, the word has gone out, and people who did not know Ana before, now are grateful to get updates, holding her, and you, in their prayers. Thanks to facebook, sharing her story has touched many more lives. The circle expands, and love grows. How grateful I am that Ana has finally come this far, after the long long wait! Now the healing has begun, with the best caregivers. And you can be right there for her! SO grateful for that. Thank you again for keeping us updated! onward with love, Bon

  4. Jackie, grateful for this excellent update. I got tears reading this, especially your telling about the good results for the liver function. Wow. Each of us who writes a comment or sends an e-mail or whatever has a network, and each of those people has a family and network. The ripples of care are spreading out and out. We are all seeking to sit there with you in these difficult, tenuous moments. Take care this morning, keep resting as you can, and know that Ana is in good hands with this very highly skilled medical team, and being cared for in ways our human sensibilities cannot know. This I feel. Ana will be thrilled to be able to communicate with her friends, and I am especially thinking of Lauryn. I know what my best friend meant to me at that age. Love to her and you and Jim and the family!

  5. I can only imagine what an intensely difficult experience it is for you – you’ve got the right idea imagining how it’ll be when you’re through it all and on to the next chapter in Ana’s and your family’s life … The shopping, the cute summer clothes, the healthy girl, the normalcy returning… It’s around the corner of this hardest part. It’s coming. Hugs to you.

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