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  1. Ana and you all have been on my mind without fail and in my prayers constantly. You wrote an amazing number of updates on the day or surgery — thank you! — so I hope you have been getting some rest. When you posted that inspired photo of the ICU equipment they are using, on Facebook, I remembered how in the first part of the critical 72 hours after my sister’s emergency brain surgery I kept staring at the screen and listening for all of those beeps. I was very jumpy at first. Then one of the nurses finally told me it was the medical team’s job to keep on top of every one of those, and that helped me to relax. I’m keeping Ana, you and Jim and Em, and the Dooleys and Krongards in my heart and prayers constantly. Ana a brave, strong, and beautiful girl. I know it must be hard to see her in the hospital bed — she is on her way to healing!

  2. Ah, the gift of drug-induced sedation! I hope everyone reading this blog in these first days understands the purpose of post-opertative sedation and restraint – to promote deep rest and to provide safety. Ana’s actions while in this state are reflexive responses. There is a subconscious recognition of the tube, and as the drug flow decreases, her increasing agitation will be a signal that it is about time to remove the tube and release her arms. At the time you posted this, she was in such a low level state of “consciousness” that she won’t recall any of these discomforts or gestures. And despite her sweet thumb wiggles, she could no more text a cognizant comment in that state that she could get up and sing. πŸ™‚ Which, by the way, we’re all praying she will be doing very soon!

    I hope she’s about to be or has been extubated as I type this on Thursday morning!

  3. Thank you for the constant updates Jackie, by sharing as you do, you help us all picture you and Ana and it gives more focus and power to our prayers for you. I am so glad to wake to news that Ana opened her eyes and wanted to communicate.

  4. Thank you for the posts Jackie. Our hearts are heavy for Ana and the family! You are all continually in our prayers! Love and hope to you all. Cindy

  5. Hello to you Jackie . Thanks for the update. Natasha and I are following your blog avidly. I hope that Ana gets her tube out soon and that she can start communicating with you, and you with her. Holding her in our thoughts and hoping you and your family get some rest tonight. Take care, Mary-Ann and Natasha.

    Oh yes – do you have an address for Ana yet?

  6. Thank you for the update Jackie. We have of course been thinking of Ana all day long. Everywhere I go people ask me if I know anything. So many people are thinking of her right now. It seems like everything is on the right track. I hope you can get some sleep again tonight. I can’t wait to hear how she is doing when they allow her to wake up. Love to all.
    Steph and family

  7. So cool that you send out these updates, Jackie! You crack me up with your “Fun Fact” portion, just the label of it. More like “Surreal Journey Into The Huh?” πŸ˜€ Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed. Hope you get some good food out of your time in the hospital, or good coffee anyway. xoxoxo

  8. You are absolutely in the right place. I remember those spongy toothbrushy things. They had kind of a cherry flavor..everyone in my nursing class tried it out when we were doing clinical. I hope she can get the tube removed tomorrow …

  9. Hi Dooleys,

    You have been on the minds and in the conversation of HMS people all day. The candle is burning constantly reminding us to take a moment to send you our love and prayers.

    Whew, what a ride this has been!


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