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The Latest Plan Posted July 21, 2014


Ana’s getting a ulstrasound of her abdomen this Friday to evaluate the tumor near her bladder. Dr. Yamashiro and the surgeon, Dr. Middlesworth, are concerned

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Are you kidding me? Posted July 11, 2014


Ana had her PET scan today which will serve as the baseline for her tumors before she starts the new drug. I honestly felt optimistic

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On Monday we got the amazing news that the insurance company – Empire BC/BS  - approved a higher dose of Jakafi (50 mg/day instead of

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Wish Granted Posted June 28, 2014


We got back from our trip last Saturday and I’ve been meaning to post an update, but I had a lot of catching up to

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At 9 a.m. this morning, Dr. Yamashiro (Ana’s oncologist from Columbia) called. “Is this a good time to talk?” He asked. “Of course,” I said

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The Cancer Trend Posted June 10, 2014


Ana and I watched The Fault in Our Stars a couple of days ago. For those of you who don’t know the premise of the

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Losing My Happy Posted June 3, 2014


  “I wondered how high a price anyone could pay for being cured, let alone a child. Hannah was wracked with pain…Doubts and distress filled

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Welcome to Arkomo Posted May 18, 2014


I’m hijacking the blog this morning to announce something that’s been a long-time coming – the release of my first novel, Doorways to Arkomo – Book

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Over the last five days, I’ve been absolutely consumed with trying to find an alternative to Ana having open surgery…again. In a word, I’ve been

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Not What I Wanted To Hear Posted May 10, 2014


“You are looking despair in the face. You are meeting people who thought they were going home and are being sent back into combat —

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