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  1. I’m glad you and Jim got a day to yourselves ..I remember war games.. The other movie I remember was Tron. Dad of course loved it..I was clueless :). I hate this. I hate that al of you are going through this . I hate that I can,t help more. I hate the waiting and the fear. I love you. This sucks… Mom

  2. It makes me think of Emily Dickenson poem “Will there ever be a morning?.. is there such a thing as day?..” I captures that feeling of WAITING and anticipating…. I am so anxious for you to all get on the other side of all this!

    Love to you all! xo

  3. Wow, that next to last paragraph is mind-blowing in terms of the way the questions run, one after the other after the other. It is probably one of the best times we all see what this is like, to wait and wait and wonder. This is so difficult and sudden and unprecedented in the lives of the family. I still find myself at certain times wishing Ana NEVER had to go through this. She is so gentle and sweet. I cannot wait until she truly can get the help, surgery, and treatment that will bring healing for her, so that her life will resume. Yet, as your writing above shows, it is hard to think about the surgery and treatment themselves, and to ponder what is coming. My heart goes out to you.

    I am so glad that you and Jim had a good break today and tonight, and that the girls had a sleepover with their cousins and Grandma Janne. And knowing you, you will be happy when your girls come home, too. I know it’s hard to believe but there will come a time, Jackie, that your life won’t be full of these questions, and you will be able to live it fully again, as will Ana, Jim, Emily, and everyone. Love to all of you, and the grandmas and Grandpa Aaron. Loved hearing about his computers!

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