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  1. I wish there was some philosophical, logical, or inspiring words that I or someone can say to make you feel better about all the feelings you have but when it comes down to it we would all feel the way we feel because we are who we are and no one can change that. I cant imagine what goes through your head on a regular basis…..You are a good, strong woman, mother and human being for doing what your doing. DONT EVER DOUBT THAT!!!
    I wish you all the good wishes I have for your daughter and yourself. I dont pray often but when I do I include you guys.
    Take care…..Be positive……Stay strong(as much as possible)

  2. You did nothing to bring this on – these things happen, and they happen to the best and the worst of people. Life, unfortunately, is not fair and it is not easy, not even in a highly evolved, civilized society. I join the other posters in hoping that a liver will become available in time so you don’t have to go through the ordeal of two major surgeries, but if you have to, you will do it, and we all have to trust that everything goes well. Focus on the fact that you are in a country with highly trained surgeons, and, moreover, in a location that gives you access to the best of the best. (This would be even harder if you lived in, let’s say, Ft. Doge, IA :-)) There are many, many stories of great outcomes of liver transplants – and we all have to assume that you story will add to that collection once everything is done. We have to, that’s the only way to go.

  3. I am having relief, disbelief and fear all at once too. From limbo to this. It has been such a long journey from Ana telling me she had a stomach ache the morning we left to come home from Montreal back in August. And we have so far to go yet. We will figure out the details. Emily will be well taken care of and we will get to the other side with you and Ana being well again. There is no other option. And today I keep thinking of Dr. Kato’s very very high success rate. I have love and tears tonight as I write this. I just thought of you saying in those early horrible days that Ana said to you “Grandma gave me chamomile tea and I felt better”. Oh how I wish I had that magic. But maybe one of these nights we will go to sleep and the phone will ring and the liver offer will come and make things somewhat less complicated. We’ll see. But tonight just sending love to you all.

  4. I couldn’t sleep just now so I came in here and turned my computer on and saw this..maybe it was some kind of ESP kicking in. I have all kinds of conflicting emotions. I hope you don’t have to do this..that a liver will become available. I feel the relief too..that there will be an end to this. and Ana can go back to being a kid…I love you..I want to come for a visit and take the girls to Target..

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