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  1. Dear Ana —

    may you be embraced and held with light of love and the deep care of your community here at High Meadow. Imagine all of us sending you beams of light for your healing and speedy recovery – from our hearts to yours!!

    Therese (Dylan’s mom)

  2. Ana,

    I am a friend of Susan’s and have been following your blog and praying for you to find a donor. Today I said some powerful prayers to our Blessed Virgin (the Rosary) and The Chaplets of the Divine Mercy. I was so happy to read the blog .go well with your surgery. Lots of love and prayers.

    Such Fantastic news…so happy for all of you, especially Anna.

  3. Yippee!!!!!!! I’m so excited that I just woke up Grady to tell him! We send our best wishes for you all. I’ll be eagerly anticipating the next update.

  4. I will be praying harder than I EVER have before. Let this young mans death be a healing for Ana.
    What a beautiful gift he can give her and part of him can live on with this new life.

  5. On my knees… seriously… will send healing and powerful prayers…. they will be answered…. keep up the great and positive thoughts, and please… call if you need anything. 658-9424. I would do anything you’d need or want and am ready for that call…. any time of day or night.

  6. On my knees… seriously… will sent healing and powerful prayers…. they will be answered…. keep up the great and positive thoughts, and please… call if you need anything. 658-9424. I can do anything you’d need or want.

  7. Been praying all along….never stop. Faith, Faith, and more Faith in all good things coming to your family. So grateful for this moment. All our love to your family.

  8. Ana I’ll miss having you back in the classroom for awhile, but I am so happy for you! Aiko, Andre, and I lit a candle and are sending you LOTS of LOVE!

  9. Our family had a group prayer together to offer how grateful we are for the donor and to send all of our love and rail to Ana. We are absolutely vibrating was excitement, prayer ad love for you all!!!

  10. I am Nickolettes daughter, who is a friend of Susan. My mom told me about Anas blog and I have been following. I pray that God will be in surgery with her and give you comfort while you wait. In our thoughts and prayers always for a quick recovery and complete healing!

  11. Oh my goodness – I am thinking of you and really sending all my thoughts and energy to you all. Wow – is this really going to happen. take care and love to all, Mary-Ann

  12. All of my best wishes. We’ll be thinking about your family in the days to come and can’t wait to hear progress reports!

  13. Blessings and prayers coming your way!!!! Oh my!!!!! What a beautiful gift…. thanks again Jackie for keeping us all updated. I am sure the next few days will be so very stressful and hectic, but know that your circle of family and friends are all sending your positive energy and all our love. Stay strong Ana!!!!

  14. OH WOW!! I am praying for Ana, for you, for your entire family!! I can’t begin to imagine how you are feeling!! Just remember people from everywhere are praying for you all and thinking about you!!

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