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  1. I haven’t been in contact with your for ages but I’ve kept up up with your blog. My son used to go to fighting spirit karate. I started crying when I read this last blog. Your story has touched so many people and Ana should know that. I have no words – only prayers that a miracle occurs for you. I am so sorry for this latest news. You are all in my prayers, especially Ana.

  2. As the others have said, I have no words. Just prayers. I’m sorry for what Ana and all of you are going through. I’m praying that you all have peace in whatever route you choose for Ana’s treatment and that she is healed. Prayers to you all from Long Island.

  3. Prayers for you and your family. Prayers for Ana. May you have comfort and find peace in each other as you make impossible decisions become realities. May you dig deep within to find some joy in the holiday season as you work through her bucket list. Make memories. Soak it all in. My heart breaks for you as a mother and for her as a bright young woman. I have two daughters. My deepest thoughts and highest prayers for you all.

  4. Jackie and Family,
    I muster all my best thoughts, prayers, and love for your family. I couldn’t find the right words to describe how unfair your challenges are…and I support Ana’s bucket list. Yes, and magic too.

  5. Dear Ana…..and your amazing family….I will say a prayer for all of you everyday to hopefully help nurture your courage and love.May your today moments cradle all of you together . Peace. Stacey Schenker

  6. I pray that the love from your family, friends, and community sustain you during this difficult journey ahead. Ana is blessed to have parents who treasure and respect her. <3 <3 <3

  7. Wow. I have read this over about 10 times today (I first read it this morning) I just can’t seem to get this through. I can’t wrap my head around this. I hold back my tears as I lay here unable to sleep. I can’t imagine your pain. Just say the word and she can come over. I want to be here for you guys as much as possible… I want to help as much as I physically can. Hell, I’d give my lungs to her if I could (ik I cant). I would like to start seeing here a lot more often while I can. You are in my family’s thoughts and prayers. May God help us.

  8. Jackie, you all have been circling in my thoughts all weekend, since reading this post. I am sending so much light and love and hope to you guys right now. So much.

  9. These words you speak/write are painful to even read, and I cannot begin to tell you all how truly sorry for what Ana, you and your family are going through. I can only pray for you all, and enlist my prayer friends to send you God’s blessings in these hard times. Peace and love to you all. – your WW friend, Stacy

  10. Hi Jackie – I saw Ana looking so radiant and happy last night at the show and today hear about the new medical results – I just don’t seem to be able to equate the two and I am sure that you cannot either. My thoughts are with Ana, Jim, you and Emily and if there is anything I could do for you, please let me know. Courage and love to you all, Mary-Ann

  11. Jackie this blog, and your family’s courage, has been a strong influence in my life. It is a constant, bracing reality-check for discerning what IS and what is NOT of value. I am indebted to you for your willingness to share so honestly and for your facility in doing so well.

    Carrie and I are planning on proposing a fundraiser for Ana at The Rosendale Theatre at their meeting tomorrow and I just want to make sure that is OK with her.

    In Peace…

  12. No words can convey enough comfort and love adequately right now, Jackie. Ana, you and Jim, Emily, and the whole family have never been out of my mind since learning of Ana’s CT scan results. My family and dear ones are sending love and prayers to Ana and you all. I love Ana and all of you so much…if there is anything I can do, give the word. Meantime, I will share this post so that the many others who have been following Ana’s progress can help, pray, and donate.

    I ordered Doorways to Arkomo yesterday so that I can read it. I’ve been eager to! Like so many others, I’m sending love, hope, and support to you.

  13. This blinking cursor mocks me because I can’t find words. Words are trite and there aren’t letters in any alphabet to adequately express what I want to say to you. I keep typing and erasing because I don’t want this to be. Yet here it is. Words fail me but sending prayers and healing thoughts won’t stop.

  14. No matter what you decide, there is a huge community here ready to help take those money worries away so you can focus on the best job you have, being Ana’s mom.

    • Thank you, Sara. I relaunched the “donate” page yesterday. Ana’s bucket list isn’t yet complete, but many people were asking how they could donate to it (on Facebook mostly).

  15. Oh Jackie. Once again your strength and introspection have blown my mind. As always, sending love. Please let us know what we can do. We are here, we are here. xxx

  16. Have you thought about setting up an account for people to donate to help Ana with her bucket list and doing fun things?

  17. Hi. I am an old friend of your mom and Rhets from Long Island. Contact the make a wish foundation to help with the bucket list.

    • Thank you, Donna. Ana already had her wish this past summer. We relaunched the Donate page which links to her Paypal account. This is how we raised money when she was originally diagnosed in 2012. The page is at healingana.com/donate

  18. Jackie,

    So sorry to read this news, I don’t know what to say to you or Ana. Please if you need anything call the office I know we will all do anything we can to help. Please give Ana a hug for me.
    Prayers and positive thoughts being sent your way….Donna

  19. Tears over here. I don’t even know what to say.. and yet, saying nothing is not an option. We love you. We will focus our energies on helping you and Ana achieve her bucket list while we hold your entire family in our hearts and prayers and hopes.

  20. To all of you!!! I can only pray and hope that something good happens. All prayers, hugs, and love to all of you. Not much more to say but this is the season for miracles. Just maybe. You still have to have hope.

  21. I have friends who are leading a sacred ceremony this evening. It will start with a sweat lodge and then moves onto a Yuwipi ceremony, (one of the 7 sacred Lakota ceremonies). I texted to ask that Ana be prayed for. The response: “We will remember Ana in the ceremonies.” She asked that those that are open to this to “be in a prayerful, receiving heart and mind. It’s not a begging for a miracle or mercy but a receiving of healing and peace beyond our human minds’ understanding.”
    So I share this so others may also tune in. Thank you.

  22. I’m having a fairly complex reaction, which began with a mild obscenity, moved to angry questioning, then broken pleading, and then just…brokenness. That doesn’t help anyone, so my soul is going to stand up now and square its shoulders and say “I’m here, I’m listening, I’m praying, and I have hands that can be doing.”

    I have love, hugs, prayers and the like. But I’m looking for my sword and shield for you as well.

  23. This took the breath right out of my body, Jackie. I am sending you guys so much love and I hope you know that if there’s anything we can do – you only have to say the word.

  24. Jackie – until the words are invented that will offer “comfort” at a time like this, I’ll have to resort to sending prayers for guidance this morning. Prayers that Ana will help you all bear this today, and then again tomorrow. Take her to the mall. She likes the mall, right? Smiles, Ana-smiles, are healing.

  25. You are in my thoughts and my prayers and if I can help in any way shape or form please just ask !! Much love for you here across the miles ..I am just sorry I am so far away I want to help more

  26. all our love and prayers and magic sent out to you all. May your weekend be filled with simple joys of the present and let us know how, when and where we can support you guys. xox

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