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  1. I read your words, and I feel this wave back and forth of kind of “objective analytic facts” and “oh my god this is US” and it seems like it really reflects some of what you are experiencing. Like trying to learn all about this, including the terminology, with zones of How The Hell Did We Get Here?. xo

  2. I messages a friend who lives within blocks of the hospital to see if she knew someone who might have a city home and a country home who would let you use or rent you a place. I will let you know what she says.

    The children’s hospital’s web page has a parent link with a PDF that is about your child’s stay. On page 22, they mention rooms for rent they offer, as well as two jersey hotels with shuttles to the hospital. I could email you the PDF if you gave me your email address rather than you having to do “one more thing”.

  3. This sounds so grueling for Ana, and for you as parents waiting and waiting. I remember once when a health scare was happening to someone very dear about seven years ago — not something as difficult as this — and the advice from my counselor was “distract, distract, distract.” She said that her husband had gone through cancer treatment for what was a really tough case, and sometimes all they could do were other things, like movies, etc. That you have been able to see movies and have the holidays, shop and have some routines, is nothing short of amazing.

    Still, It’s unfair, and it is beyond understanding, that Ana has to be this scared. I have a lump in my throat after reading your last paragraph. Ana is being asked to do so much and put up with much more than any child should have to put up with, as are you as a family. I know there will come a day when she won’t have to be scared, nor will you. Ana will be healed and well again, and have days that are filled with laughter, her art, her friends, movies and skating, her learning, holidays with family where you won’t have to wait for a call. I can tell in reading this how you find strength in each other. Sometimes all we have in life is faith and love and each other, and you have that love as a family. Sometimes a deep, hard-to-grasp love is all we have.

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