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Since I posted about Ana’s last CT scan and the possibility that we may start a wish list and do some fundraising, the reaction has been overwhelming (understatement). After I posted the actual list on Thursday, truly amazing things started happening. So, I wanted to post a separate page to keep everyone up to date on where we are with wishes granted, wishes needed and wishes in progress.

Wishes Granted (Updated 3/31/15)

  • Ugg Boots – Two friends I used to cycle with sent me a gift card to pay for Ana’s boots on Zappos. I purchased them for Ana right before Christmas and they’ve been attached to her feet ever since. Thank you Carma and Joe!!
  • Wii U – This wish has been granted! A local family from New Paltz sent us a brand new Wii U two days before Christmas. The girls and I have been enjoying it almost daily (Jim’s not a big video game person). I’m horrible at it, but Ana seems to be a natural. The wish granter has asked to remain anonymous. Thank you so much!
  • Go Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center  – This wish was granted on 12/29/14 and 12/30/14 thanks to my dear friend Liz Mitchell who organized and funded just about everything involved. Another friend of mine, Kim Barke, put me in touch with an executive at NBC who hooked us up with a VIP experience (Ana didn’t have to wait on line to skate). This trip was filled with surprises which you can read about via this blog post. Thank you Liz and Kim!
  • Visit the set of New Girl (meet Zooey Deschanel)This wish was granted on 3/17/15! Through my amazing extended support network – and people who know people – Fox invited all of us to visit the set of New Girl, meet Zooey Deschanel and get some photos (and swag). A generous donor from Columbia Presbyterian’s Hope & Heroes Foundation paid for this trip, including plane tickets, hotel and car rental while in L.A. We used some of the money raised for Ana’s wishes from everyone’s generous donations for spending money and meals. It was a wish granted for all of us – a family vacation we couldn’t otherwise afford and an experience for the girls to bond.
  • Redo my BedroomThis wish was granted on 3/21! (the weekend we got home from our L.A. trip). Erin Musto, founder of Maddie’s Mark, reached out to me back in January about granting this wish. Erin’s daughter Maddie died three years ago from a rare brain tumor called DIPG. Maddie’s Mark helps kids like Ana enjoy their “best days ever” which means many things to many kids. Check out some example of some of “best days” that Maddie’s Mark has created for children. The organization also funds child enrichment projects such as donating playground equipment to schools. The big reveal was very special for Ana with many of her friends present to witness the unveiling of her room. Since Maddie’s Mark paid for everything, we were able to use some of Ana’s donation money to update Emily’s bedroom as well. Maddie’s Mark donated some extra special gifts for Emily (like a new desk and finishing touches for her room) so she didn’t feel a bit left out.

Wishes In Progress

  • Shopping Spree in Soho – Update as of 1/10/15 – We’ve put this wish on the back burner until Ana’s next scan which is on 1/16. Ana’s grandma Janne will help organize this wish and drive us into the city. We may spend the night in Soho so Ana can take her time and enjoy as much shopping as she can cram in. Also, my friend Sara Munson and her extremely well-connected family have offered to help with this wish. They have some fashion connections and are working on arranging some special things for Ana in Soho, including a makeover with Clinique + goodies (I get one too). Sara and her family would like to give Ana a whole day in the city including a meal and possibly a show. The shopping itself will likely be funded in part, or in whole, via your donations. It’s not scheduled yet, but I think it will be something great to do with her after chemo starts and she may be feeling a little down. Something to look forward to.
  • Ride a zip line – We’re working on this one now with some local contacts who may be able to facilitate setting this up at Hunter Mountain. Also, one generous donor specifically asked that his contribution of $100 go towards helping Ana realize this wish. His name is Jeffrey Shultz (thank you, Jeffrey!)
  • Keep my hair during chemo (Update 1/10/15) – I’m working with a social worker  at CHONY to get a freezer to store the cold caps (and freeze them) for when Ana’s ready. It’s a big job and the social worker has been amazing. She’s on the liver team, not oncology, but she’s knocking on doors and making things happen. Dr. Yamashiro has given approval for cold cap therapy, so all I need to do is figure out the details. I will be paying for this with your donations!! Thank you all and fingers crossed that this helps Ana keep her hair.
  • See the Black Keys in concert (Updated 1/10/15) – A contact of mine from Town Square Media, a company that owns multiple radio stations and puts on many shows, has confirmed that we will get four tickets to see the Black Keys at the Mountain Jam festival this summer! She said they will make sure Ana gets front and center seats and/or gets to go back stage! Ana will likely bring two friends and Jim or I will chaperone. This is such an amazing gift – my sincerest thanks to Town Square Media.

Wishes Still Wished For (as of 1/10/15)

  • Visit The Grand Canyon (Updated 1/10/15) – This trip will likely be funded by the generous Tula Love members who collectively raised over $12,000 for Ana. We have no idea when this will happen at this point, but most likely over the summer.
  • See Black Sabbath (this summer)
  • Play a Song with Black Sabbath (why not?)
  • Trip to England – meet Scarlet (an online pen pal she’s known since she was 9) (Possibly funded by a friend who has offered to send us on a spectacular trip)
  • Spend a week in Cape Cod (Updated 1/10/15) – Several people have offered summer homes/rentals for us to possibly use for this trip. At this point, we’ll likely go in the summer so Ana can enjoy the beach.

Wishful Thinking

  • Get a Nose Ring (Updated 1/10/15) – Unfortunately, this wish can’t be fulfilled. Ana’s oncologist said the risk of infection is significant and it could potentially require a hospitalization if she did get an infection. So, this wish is tabled for now.
  • See Arctic Monkeys in concert (Updated 1/10/15) – apparently they’re not playing any time soon so this wish has been tabled.

If you want to contribute to Ana’s Paypal account (the source of funding for a lot of the above), please go here. If you’d rather send a check, please send me an email at jackie@jacquelinedooley.com and I’ll give you my address.

If you want to send prayers, positive light, well wishes and healing thoughts – we accept and appreciate that currancy too. (what I’m trying to say is that, while we’re very grateful for donations to help us with Ana’s wishes, we know that money is tight for many people. Please don’t feel pressured or obligated to donate. Ana may not get all her wishes granted – and that’s okay! What’s happened so far is already pretty miraculous.

Love and light to all of you. I’ll keep this page updated and may add an occasional new item to the “still wished for” category – if I do that, then I’ll put a date beside it.


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  1. Praying for healing and an amazing Christmas knowing how much she is dearly loved! <3
    With aloha, from Tula Love and Tula Aloha 2.0

  2. And for Mountain Jam, if you get a VIP ticket you can meet and greet special artists (which means they can probably make that happen anyhow – even if you just get a day ticket to see the artist Ana wants to see). Ok, that’s it for now – promise!

  3. And I forgot to mention that I wonder if you contacted your local Gamestop that they would donate or at the very least highly discount a WiiU. Here’s the link to the store locations for them: http://www.gamestop.com/browse/storesearch.aspx The one in New Paltz is super nice and since they serve a more local area, maybe they’re the best option. I hope some of this at least helps you with time.

  4. Here is the link to a website in Hyde Park that does ziplining in winter. http://www.bigbearziplines.com/booknow/ Apparently not every place does. The price isn’t terrible – $60 a person for the cheapest option. There are others but they are either more expensive or they don’t open again until spring. Here is one that may be cheaper but it doesn’t open until May: http://www.catamounttrees.com/adventure-park-pricing Also, I know someone mentioned mountain jam – they have an option of a payment plan for tickets but since mountain jam is sponsored by a radio station, I bet if you contacted them they would give you tickets for free. At least I’d like to think they would.

    • I actually have a great contact for Mountain Jam as I worked with them for another event they promoted (I worked directly for the company that owns all the radio stations and puts tons of events together. I’ll email her today. Thank you, Gina!

  5. Hi Jackie and ANa, Xander tells me that the Black Keys are playing at the Mountain Jam in Hunter which takes place on June 4 – 7 in Hunter Mountain in 2015. That may be a way of attending some really good events and still be closer to home if you need to be.

    On another note. We have timeshare accommodation that we could transfer for you to Colorado to visit the Grand Canyon. John could look up where you could stay and what is available if you give some dates that you are looking at and we could set that up for you all. The accommodation is typically an apartment in a resort in that region. We would just have to plan ahead to help accommodate what ever time you would like to go and most likely peak season would be challenging to book. So if the times work out, we would gladly transfer timeshare apt for you.

    Have a good day and enjoy the mild-ish weather and the flurry of the Christmas season
    Mary-Ann and John

  6. Hey Jackie, I don’t know if your in need of any construction in your home for Ana’s room, or if there is ANYTHING, that needs to be done in the way of construction my husband would be there in the drop of a hat to do whatever is needed. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help along with making a donation. Praying for Ana’s healing.

  7. A friend of Susan DeMark’s, sending a bit to be spent however you wish. We are praying for you and sending healing, hope-filled energy.

  8. YAY for all that variety, AND the beautiful responses! Carpe Diem! Go Team Ana! Thank you, Jackie, for keeping us connected, prayers and love to be continued!

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