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  1. Dear Jackie and Ana,
    I live in the neighborhood and heard about your updated news. I got some info from a friend for Ana’s bedroom make over. It’s sweetdreams.org . It might be an option. My friend also gave me some foundation info http://www.catiehotchfoundation.org ryan McElroy foundation and maddie’ mark foundation that might help somehow. Our prayers go out to you!

  2. Jackie, Ana and I had been talking about a trip to Soho with Chloe before the scan. I was thinking of a weekend, maybe a long one. I would be happy to organize that if you’d like.

  3. Love that Ana is edgy and alternative! Tattoos and nose rings are lots of fun! My granddaughter, Cecelia, who texted with Ana a few times, and is her age, suggests that she researches and draws mandalas. Cecelia draws them on paper, and on her hands, as a form of meditation.

        • My granddaughter, Cecelia, has suggested these bands (check them out first!!). From Cecelia in Lancaster, PA. A list of bands that Ana should check out: Piercing the Veil, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Panic at the Disco, Blink-182, Sleeping with Sirens, The Front Bottoms, Of Mice and Men, Misfits, Bring Me the Horizon.

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