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  1. I think we should start a “send Ana to Hawaii” fund and send you all to Hawaii for TWO WEEKS and screw the MAW people and their stupid stipulations!!!!! For God sakes let the girl have her wish!!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your powerful insights on how wishes can be swirls of dreamy and tricky. I kind of appreciate the idea that manifesting something someone wants requires discernment and reflection, which can lead down even more true pathways of understanding the objects of desire. But I can see how it can be daunting, even vaguely negative, too. Looking forward to seeing where this goes! xo

  3. I don’t understand their re thinking the Hawaii request…if YOU decide that the travel is too much, that’s one thing, but going to Hawaii is a perfectly awesome thing to want. I say this because it’s always been on my list of places I’d always to go (along with London and San Francisco..and the Pyramids)

    As far as Glee..I don’t know how that works, but I agree with Lynn, I think they would love to have Ana sing on the show. .

    Unless she REALLY wished for a pet Unicorn, this should be Ana’s wish..This seems a bit Dickish of Make a Wish..

  4. Jackie,
    Re. “Wishes”….If one of your wishes has been to be an excellent writer, I think you have granted it for yourself.

  5. Sorry that what should have been exciting turned out to be so stressful. Thinking about it, I guess they want to be sure that she is making the wish for herself and not being pressured by family members, but expecting an 11-year-old to explain why they want to go to Hawaii? She just wants to go to Hawaii, for God’s sake!!! That sounds like it would be an easy one for them.

    Seeing her sing on Glee would be amazing!! I really hope they can make that happen!

    • I know, right! Except that I just did a bit of research on flights to Hawaii and I can’t find any that are less than 12 or 13 hours! That of course does not include travel to and from the airport and any flight delays. So…I’m thinking we may want to rethink this because I don’t want to spend 4 out of 7 days traveling. 🙁 Oh well.

  6. Y’know Jackie, amidst all of this pain and agony, you have really truly cracked me up at certain points in the blog. “Reality is such a jerk,” made me laugh out loud with its truth. Yeah, it is!


  7. Oh my goodness! !!!! Crazy “protocol” or whatever THEY call it. I actually think the “Singing on Glee” wish is FABULOUS !!! Danielle and I really love that show. We were talking about Ana’s wish and Danielle said it was “so cool”. WE think the cast would LOVE to help Ana- and would think that it would be amazing to have Ana on the show. Of course, we aren’t sure if ‘they’ care about our opinions, but thought we would add our 2 cents anyway. Geez, when you think of what that show represents, I think they would CELEBRATE and HONOR the opportunity to meet Ana and have her participate in one of their shows!!! Crap, they could have a whole show created around her. We (Danielle and I) cold write it FOR them!!!!

    Hoping that Make a Wish comes through…otherwise Danielle and I might just go knocking on a few doors. 🙂

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