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  1. I can’t believe I am just seeing this post now. It’s amazing what art can do for you during difficult times. I know for me when I find a song like that, listening to it allows me to feel the feelings instead of just pushing them away and being strong. I hope this is doing that for you. Love to all of you! Aunt Amy

  2. Hi Jackie and Jim,

    What a heartfelt and touching entry today about “Alice”….! Thank you so much for sharing. You are so generous and I hope you feel all of the support of those you don’t even know out here praying for you all… I loved the video of Ana singing ..What a beautiful voice!! My daughter Danielle is a singer..amazing that our families definitely got the artistic talent genes.. 🙂

    I was curious about the liver transplant. I have read up a bit on living donors. Is that an option for Ana?? If it is, I want you to know that I would be willing in a heartbeat, being Jim’s cousin.. as a blood relative, to offer part of mine if it would provide a better match. Please keep this in mind. Maybe it can expedite the process and not have her on a waiting list AT ALL, if possible.

    Sending love, prayers, hugs and healing energy from Florida,

  3. So good to hear that Ana’s x-rays and bone scan were clear! Like Carol, I think the site looks great — well-organized, attractive, and easy to navigate. So many are keeping up with your updates. And don’t worry about worrying people (re: your earlier post). If you can’t be worried and have ups and downs now, my God. I hope underneath you feel the support and a foundation of love. You and Jim are incredible parents, the best.

    I hope that Ana can get outdoors some in that garden and those pathways near the hospital this weekend. I keep thinking of the concept of healing gardens, and how such places play a role in well-being and healing. I look forward to the miracle and healing, to Ana being back on the stage, singing — strong, bright as a star, jaw-dropping good as she is. Keeping my thoughts and prayers going so much. Ana, Emily, Jim, and you are never far from my thoughts and heart in this. Love and hugs to Ana and you all.

  4. such good news to see the fund-raising climb up above 9,000. The site looks great. Your blog is so moving and beautiful. Thanks for these posts and for keeping us all updated. Always checking in. Ana Ana Ana …. lots of love to Ana.

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